Martin Osimani

Top Nine For Instagram


UI UX Designer

Frontend Development


2018 – 2021

Every year, millions of Instagram users share their top nine moments of the year. Top Nine for Instagram is app that started this viral trend.

Used by more than 16 million Instagram users and featured by many of the world’s top news outlets, the app reached the #1 spot in the Top Charts of US App Store In 2019.

Every year, some of the world's top celebrities and influencers

share their Top Nine on Instagram

To achieve these results, we needed to overcome great challenges. And effective SEO and ASO strategy allowed us to win crucial keywords and step up as the leading Top Nine app.

To keep the trend viral, we needed constant real-time analysis with lighting fast design and development cycles. Finally, we had to came up with creative solutions to handle the immense cross-platform traffic and Instagram integration.