Martin Osimani

Tramonto Café


UI UX, branding and packaging Designer


May, 2015

Tramonto is a company with a long tradition dedicated to roast and sell coffee to cafés, restaurants and hotels.

Marcos and Federico, the second generation that runs the business, contacted me to elaborate an identity that represented their tradition and product.

We've visited Tramonto facilities and we were introduced to the world of specialty coffee, with the help of the experts. We talked about their clients and the needs of each kind of public and had the opportunity to interview some of them. We've made weekly sessions with the directors where we made different kinds of activities. Sometimes we've used the time for ideations sessions, others for feedback, and others for brainstorming.

This process allowed us to comprehend the true meaning of the brand and Its origins, to create a visual identity that materializes it.

We've defined a warm chromatic palette, with several tones of cream and brown, and selected a serif type that denoted formality while maintaining a close relationship.

The resulting isotype is an abstraction of a sunset from a field planted with coffee that remembers the origins of the company, and the product itself. 

With a defined identity, we've started the transformation of the digital experience. The purpose of the site is to promote the brand and to inform clients about the services and products of the company. The key differentiator to show was the offer of custom made coffee for every different need.